Good Food With A Purpose


Why would a world-class chef working at Michelin starred restaurants in the U.S. pair up with a Computer Engineer and together, give up their successful careers to start a food company in India?

This is a story that begins with a passion for food and boundless love for family – a theme that will be pleasantly familiar in all Indian homes. 


Our mother, Ajinder (the A in AG Taste), was an artistic wizard in the kitchen: as she cooked, the aromas she created wafted mouth-wateringly through the house; the dining table was tantalizingly topped with food of different colours and textures; and the taste of even her simplest dish was divine.

She was a strict vegetarian but that didn’t stop her from making us the best tasting kebabs and meat we’ve ever eaten in our lives, all cooked with just the perfect blend of spices – without her ever tasting it herself!

She went to America, had Mexican food for the first time ever and then recreated it at home the very next day – only much better tasting than the restaurant.

Yes, she truly was a wizard. Chetan absorbed her love for cooking and made it his own, training with the Taj Group of Hotels, working at fine restaurants such as Gary Denko and La Folie in the USA, at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai and the Four Seasons in Langkawi. He soon became an accomplished chef in his own right.


Gurbir (the G in the AG Taste story) was our father. He was an Electrical Engineer, which inspired Ajay to follow in his footsteps and become an Engineer as well. Sadly, our father was born with Muscular Dystrophy, which was not diagnosed until his late twenties. Over time, his struggles with the progressively worsening disease intensified.

Well, looking back now, we think he must have struggled, but everyone who knew him never saw it – he was always the epitome of hope, fun and laughter. He found pleasure in everything and everybody; travelled the world in a wheelchair; enjoyed every minute of every day – and yes, you guessed it, loved good food. When our aunt visited from the US, his only request would be for her to smuggle in some Stilton cheese, smoked salmon and prosciutto.

Interestingly, he loved not just good food, but food made from holistic and natural ingredients. In fact, he firmly believed his regimen of holistic foods kept the symptoms of his disease in check.

We loved travelling everywhere as a family and our last trip together was to Provence, France – of course, what better place in the world to have the freshest and most wonderful food.

Two years ago our mother, Ajinder, was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer. As anybody who’s been touched by cancer knows, it’s a devastating diagnosis – the days, months, year, of chemotherapy and radiation that followed were harrowing, to say the least. Through her entire treatment, our father again used food as an antidote to combat the many ill effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

We lost our mother to this terrible disease in September 2014 – the hardest part was knowing that if she had been diagnosed earlier, maybe we could have saved her. Alas, awareness and testing of cervical cancer in India is still almost negligible.

We all tried to put our lives together after this devastating loss and went back to our respective lives and careers, only to have our world turned upside down yet again. Our father’s condition took a turn for the worse – he fell sick and then suddenly passed away in January 2015.

After a few months of soul searching and questioning, we resolved not to give into our grief and decided to pursue a joint path forward. We would honour the memory of our beloved parents in a tangible way: by blending our talents together, we would build a company to stand as testament to what we learned from them. With this in mind, we decided to launch ‘All Good (AG) Taste’, which as you now know, stands for “Ajinder and Gurbir’s Taste.”

Our story is simple: our beloved parents gave us the joy of taste and a passionate love of life. Through our products, we intend to build a business that returns that gift to all of India.